Barnwood Life

In a world where we are constantly searching for means to be sustainable, and to recycle and reuse, it is time to return to the basics. So, let’s do our part and start with barn wood.

  • By utilizing recovered barn wood, you help protect the forest as well as responsibly use environmental resources effectively.
  • Preparing reclaimed barn wood has little to no impact on the environment.
  • Using new wood takes a lot more power and energy since it will need to be gathered, processed and prepared for other manufacturers and distributors. Using reclaimed barn wood, it eliminates the preliminary steps of processing.
  • Trees grown commercially are rarely long enough to reach their full potential size and are unable to fulfil their environmental advantages. Using reclaimed wood allows you to have longer planks and slabs of wood of wood to fill the need for your projects.
  • Reclaimed wood is more durable and resilient as it has had time to completely dry out and remove moisture that can make the wood soft and limber.
  • Every piece of recovered wood is different and unique. This can help produce a special pattern and styles. This variation in patterning and shade makes it perfect for ceilings, flooring, kitchen counters and many various other design elements in an office or home.
  • Recovered barn wood each have their own story because each piece is unique. The background of each piece of wood should be inquired upon when purchasing your barn wood pieces. Look for unique stories as they often have unique patterns, knots and color in the barn wood.

Reclaimed barn wood has a lot of variations in color/discoloration, size, patterns and designs. Make sure to use sealant to capture these “imperfections” as this is what makes the wood unique and beautiful.

Reclaimed barn wood is surely one of a kind.

Where can you buy reclaimed barn wood?

You can locate reclaimed barn wood in thrift and salvage shops, on your own property, and by going to re-stores.

Start claiming your reclaimed barn wood today!